Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Foot Massage

I am a massage therapist. I have done many things in the past; however, I love being a massage therapist and a healer. I do Reiki, Synergia, Akashic Records and crystal healing.

Whenever I give a massage I believe one of the most important body parts to the massage are the feet. A good foot massage can alleviate muscle pain all over the body. Our feet carry us everywhere we need to go, so they receive a lot of wear and tear.

I used to be a waitress and my feet used to hurt every night. I bought myself a electronic foot massager, thinking this would solve my problems. My feet hurt so bad that the massager hurt my feet. So what is the best way to get relief from achy feet? I would say that you have a few choices.

If your feet are swollen then you must get rid of the inflammation, then you can use a foot massager.

  1. Find your significant other and ask them to rub your feet. (Need instructions)

  2. Get a wooden foot massager that looks like a handle and roll your feet across that. It will bring back circulation to your feet.

  3. Take your socks and shoes off and walk on the floor bare foot. Add peppermint oil to your lotion and rub your feet.

  4. Soak your feet in a mixture of Epsom salt and cool water. This will take the swelling down.

  5. Another good tip is to paraffin your feet, this could pull inflammation out of your feet and nourish your joints. Might be worth it to buy you own paraffin bath.
  6. It is a good idea to get a foot massager, however make sure that you get a good one. You can search below for a good foot massager.

If you need any help or have any questions let me know.