Sunday, December 9, 2012

Eliminate Headaches with a simple head massage!

Eliminate headaches with a head massage naturally!

Before you reach for the Tylenol to eliminate your headache, lets try an all natural approach. It is easier for someone else to massage you, however you can massage your own head and neck if necessary. The best way to cure any physical pain is to search for the root of the pain. Where does the problem start.

  • Do you have too much stress at work?
  • Are you carrying your child on the same shoulder every time?
  • Did you sleep wrong so your neck won't turn in the morning?
  • Did you over exercise?
  • Did you engage in a heated conversation which has left you exhausted?
Physical pain can have an element of emotion attached to it. The Tylenol will stop the nerve from sending the message to the brain that there is pain, however could be it stopping a message you need to hear. Is the Tylenol causing side effects that you will have to address sooner or later. I am not saying that pain medication is bad, I am saying to only take it when it is necessary. If an emotional element is involved, sometimes the pill won't help and the pain could increase because you have not targeted the source of the problem. I will talk more about eliminating emotional pain later, however here are some things to help.
Getting to the massage!

  1. Sit in a comfortable position and place your hand on the head for about 10 seconds without doing anything.
  2. Take your whole hand and move in a circular motion. One hand at a time.
  3. Put an arch to your hand and only allow your finger tips to touch the head, once again move in a circular motion. Increase the pressure in increments.
  4. If the person has hair, tug on the hair gently to stimulate the scalp. (Increase circulation and hair growth) cover the whole head.
  5. Put your hands on their temples (the area above the ear), move in a circular motion gently. (most headaches originate here)
  6. Move to just in front of the ear, the muscle that keeps your jaw together and move in a circular motion as well. (If you grind you teeth, have TMJ or have been hit recently, the headache could be here)
  7. Put your hands over the head again and move your hands in a circular motion.
  8. End with resting your hands on the head and move your hand away slowly.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Top 10 questions to ask a massage therapist when look for a good massage!

Are you looking for a good massage therapist and you are not sure what questions to ask to increase your chances of receiving a good massage. You would rather test out the merchandise before you spend the money and the time on a full body massage. Here are what I call the top 10 questions to ask any massage therapist so that you receive a good massage.

  1. What is your speciality? If the massage therapist specializes in something and can give a good explanation about their speciality, they are more likely to be passionate about their work

  2. What massage technique do you use to relax extremely tight muscles? Some massage therapist do not know how to relax tight muscle, so having a specific technique shows experience. Good examples would be deep tissue, myofacial release, energy work.

  3. Have you taught a massage class or are you planning on teaching in the future? When you teach something, one has to know the subject twice as well as the student. This demonstrates knowledge of massage.

If you are still on the fence and they have answered more than half to your satisfaction, go ahead and give them a chance. Book the massage.